Funky Ferret Sauce MegaBlend!

KGB members share their inspiration behind their most memorable named homebrews. 

Most of my beer names tie in to the name for my basement brewery - Ghost Ferret Brewing. So called because I kept ferrets as pets for quite some time, but they're all passed now. Sometimes I still catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye and there is no better explanation when something ain't where it is supposed to be in the brewhouse. 

  • These Go to LL.L: LL.L is what the thermometer read right before we discovered that the mash was about 30 degrees too hot. Should have been a disaster. Fortunately, Brewing World was open and the denatured enzymes in the base malt were replaced with a giant pile of DME. Target gravity met! Split into a rum barrel and bourbon version, both worth honorable mentions in later competitions. Life gives you lemons, make good beer right?
  • For All In Tents Camp Beer: A Red Hook Clone made for a camping trip. 
  • Polished Polecat: A posh British golden ale - always pictured a ferret in a tophat with a monocle. Never got around to drawing it though!
I've always wanted to do more with labels. If you check out my Untappd account [Click Here] you'll find it is full of Polecats, Stoats, Ermines and Weasels. All because those little carpet sharks are still missed. 

A good friend of mine, Rebecca Cruz, gets credit for these drawings.

Steve Smalenberg

My favorite is clearly the Saucy Minx. Mike Spears and I came up with that one in a pub in Wales, when a couple of Welshmen took a shine to our coworker and called her a saucy minx.

I am also partial to putting my name in a beer such as Barry's Moon (Belgian Witbier), Barry's Cherry (Balaton Cherry Mead), or Barry Doesn't Have The QuickCarb (Seriously, I don't have it).


The best name that we have come up with was Unfunking Beelievable Berry. This was made with a berry smoothie mix. We were going to call it Smooth Berry, but Barry already had dibs on that name. Anyway, I think we were trying to get cute with the name. I guess the only other one that comes to mind is the mead moonshine that I "hypothetically" made (wink wink) with a guy from work: Dr. Funk-en-Shine!

Bill Foust

The last known words of Little Maria