10 Questions with Duke Turner

As the sun sets on another presidential term in the grand history of the KGB, we bid adieu to President Duke Turner and raise a glass in his honor. 
Cheers Comrade President!

1. What was your favorite memory during your term as President of the KGB?
Seeing the KGB finally get the dead grass award!  

2. If you opened a brewery, what would you call it. What would be your flagship beer?  
Ivory Duke Brewing Company  ...you already know the answer to this...KENTUCKY COMMON. 

3. What do you think will be the next big trend in the craft beer industry? 
Kind of already starting to see this, a return to classic styles/lagers.

4. What advice would you give to future KGB officers?  
Keep it fun, keep it interesting.  No idea is a stupid idea for things to do, either at a meeting or as a activity. Find people in the industry willing to do presentations also...for example Fermentis was a great find. Network and get to know officers from other clubs anytime you can as it helps to increase the friendly banter and also great for ideas.  Link up on social media with them and their club pages if they have one.

6. What is the best music to brew to? 
Beastie Boys for sure, old school hip hop and 90's alternative work too!

7. Which Kuhnhenn location do you like the better?  
K1 has the history per se (K2 great for meetings as its much quieter) 

8. What's up with the nickname Duke?  
It's my deep cover codename, if I told you I'd have to eliminate you.

9 How was your fishing trip with Putin? Did you guys catch anything?  
Crabs lol     

10 Shout Outs & Parting Message  
I would like to start by thanking all the members for the honor of being your president for the last 2 years. Hope I did not bore everyone to death. As I part my term I hope I am leaving the club at least as good if not better on my way out for the next president and officers.  Thank you for putting up with my bantering on the mic. Special shout outs to: Doug King for being my wingman for the last years, to Brian Guilbault who was the best treasurer a President could ask for, Bob Hart for all your efforts with Deathmash and competitions in general, Nikki for all her help with intra-club competitions and all her efforts running the Beer Cup...you make the KGB proud for that, All the other officers in the past two years: Shawn Wujack & Damon Turner for being club secretary, Ryan Busch for being Brew Czar and that awesome beekeping presentation, Jeremy Thiel for your work on club shirts and being a great Minister of Stuff, and last but never the least Lee Lind for your clever Putin ideas and camera work for Minister of Propaganda.  (Also shout out to Gary for helping me initially with the transition and the subtle reminders, much appreciated). Thanks to all the members in the last two years who have stepped up to volunteer for club related things: i.e intra-club judging/stewarding, MHF theme committee, doing monthly presentations, helping at Beer Cup, etc. Looking forward to watching the next set of officers from the cheap seats.